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4 Step RocknRoll

Rock n roll dancing is considered the most practical of popular styles of dance. Most parties and clubs play music from the 50’s & 60’s so you will be able to get up and dance.

Like all styles of Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing, the man commences on his left foot while the lady commences on her right.

It is usually danced 4 steps to 3 beats of music. The basic move for the man is:
– step left (slow)
– step right (slow)
– rock step (quick – quick)

The rock step (or back step) is where the man rocks back and forward on his left foot.

It is counted as one beat and involves two short quick steps. The rhythm is counted as slow, slow, quick, quick.

4 Step Rock ‘n’ Roll has a side to side rhythm, and also a back/forward rhythm.

4 Step Rock ‘n’ Roll is also known as American Jive or RnR. It is adapted from Ballroom Jive. The two sets of triple steps in Ballroom Jive have been replaced by two individual steps in 4 Step Rock ‘n’ Roll.

It is easy to learn and the fastest growing style of rock n roll dancing.


4 beats in each bar (measure)


Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick


36-48 beats per minute



Dance Moves for [post_title]

°All In One
°American Spin
°American Spin Stepback
°Around The Corner
°Around The World
°Back to Back
°Basic Step
°Betty Boop
°Billy Tease
°Bull Fighter
°Cross Arms (R over L Turn)
°Cuddle and Spinout
°Cuddle Around
°Cuddle Left Side
°Cuddle To Armchair
°Cuddle to Cuddle
°Cuddle Walk
°Cuddle with Heels
°Double Dip
°Double Rotary Turning
°Double Spins
°Double Turn Windup
°Egg Beater
°Elbow Turn
°Flicks To Lollipop
°Flying Arms * 3
°Flying Arms With Snap
°Front Drop Back
°Half Knots
°Happy Hands
°He She
°Hey You
°Howdy Doody
°Knees Up
°Knot n Spin
°Knot n Spin Man Turns
°Knots Left Side
°Madison Thread The Needle
°Madison Walk
°Man’s Waist Lead
°Merry Go Round
°Neck Chop
°Neckbreaker with Walk
°One Arm Cuddle
°One Arm Cuddle Ext
°Over & Under
°Peek a Boo
°Pick Pocket
°Return – Spinout
°Return With Turns
°Reverse American Spin
°Reverse Knots
°Reverse Rollercoaster
°Reverse Wrap
°Right & Left Turn
°Right Hand Rockabilly Ext
°Rockabilly * 2
°Rockabilly Turn
°Shoulder Roll
°Shoulder Tap
°Side Pass
°Skirt Flutter
°Slidding Doors
°Slip Cuddle
°Spin Dryer
°Spin n Tap
°Spinning Lady
°Spinout – Half Knots
°Spinout With Turns
°Stop n Go
°Sugar Push
°Sweetheart Ext
°Sweetheart into Cuddle
°Sweetheart to Cuddle
°Sweetheart to Sweetheart
°Sweetheart Turns
°The Flick
°The Swim
°The Tunnel
°The Twirl
°The Walk
°The Wheel
°This Way & That
°This Way & That With Turns
°Thread the Needle
°Throw Away Teddy
°Tummy Tickle
°Turn About
°Underarm Pass
°vvv move
°Waist Swirl
°Walk Around
°Walk n Spin
°Walk Thru
°Walk Thru Lady Turn
°Washing Machine





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