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4 Step RocknRollRockNRollUSAFeel the beat style RocknRoll
6 Step RocknRollRockNRollUSATap and Step RocknRoll
Argentine TangoCulturalArgentineDance of Argentine
BachataLatinDominican RepublicHips on Fire
BalboaSwingUSAThe shuffle dance
BalletClassicalEuropeGraceful dance that tells a story or reflects a mood
Ballroom Cha ChaBallroomCubaFun, flirty, playful Cuban dance
Ballroom JiveBallroomEnglandVariation of the Jitterbug, consisting of dance steps derived from country dancing
Ballroom Paso DobleBallroomSpain (origin France)Marching to a Spanish bull fight
Ballroom RumbaBallroomCubaSlow and sensuous Latin American dance
Ballroom SambaBallroomBrazilA lively Brazilian dance consisting of many jumps and turns
Belly DancingCulturalMiddle EastMiddle Eastern dance or Arabic dance
BoleroLatinSpainSlow-tempo Latin dance
Boogie WoogieSwingUSAEuropean East Coast Swing
Break DanceModernUSAGet on the Good Foot
CerocSwingBlend of Latin, Salsa and a two-step jive
Cha ChaLatinCubaVibrant, flamboyant and playful dance from Cuba
CharlestonSwingUSAA step and swing dance from the 1920s
Cuban SalsaLatinCubaType of round dancing of Salsa
CumbiaLatinColombiaThe courtship dance
East Coast SwingSwingUSAThe base for all swing dances
FlamencoCulturalSpainExpressive solo dance from Spain
FoxtrotBallroomUSASlower version of the Quickstep
Freestyle RocknRollRockNRollUSABlending of different styles of RocknRoll
FunkModernUSAStreet dance styles that originated in California in 1970s
Hip HopModernUSASeveral dance styles associated with hip-hop culture
Jazz BalletClassicalUSARelazed and upbeat version of ballet
JitterbugSwingUSAAn umbrella term generally referring to swing dancing
JiveSwingUSAA fast-paced variation of the Jitterbug
Lindy HopSwingUSAMost popular swing dance that originated in Harlem
Line DancingSequenceUSAA choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps
MamboLatinCubaLittle bit of Mambo passion
MerengueLatinHaitiStylized limping step, known as the pole-fence step
Modern JiveSwingUnited KingdomBlend of Latin, Salsa and a two-step jive
New VogueNew VogueAustraliaCollection of New Vogue sequence dances
Partner DancingSequenceUSANovelty dances in RocknRoll
QuickstepBallroomEnglandFast version of the foxtrot
RockabillyRockNRollUSAEarly style of RocknRoll suited to fast paced music
RumbaLatinCubaFascinating rhythms and mesmerizing body movements
SalsaLatinPuerto RicoSensual and tantalizing
SambaLatinBrazilBrazilian dance associated with street festivals and celebrations
Samba de GafieiraLatinBrazilA partner dance done to the Brazilian samba musical rhythms
Square DancingSequenceWorldFolk dance with four couples arranged in a square
SwingSwingUSACollection of dances that developed with the swing of jazz music
Swing JiveSwingUSABlend of Swing and Jive
TangoBallroomArgentineDance of Passion
TapClassicalUSAUse feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats
Viennese WaltzBallroomFrance
WaltzBallroomEngland & USAModern waltz with long and gliding steps
West Coast SwingSwingUSAA slotted dance in which the follower travels back and forth along a rectangle, or slot
ZoukLatinCaribbean & BrazilSexy, sensual, free flowing dance from Brazil
ZumbaLatinColombiaFitness program inspired by Latin dance





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