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Ballroom Paso Doble

Paso doble is a Spanish dance style which imitates bullfighting. The leader of the dance imitates the bullfighter while the follower imitates the cape of the bullfighter.

Although a Spanish dance, Paso doble originally developed in France, and many steps therefore have French names. The Spanish background of the dance is evident in the dance style, which share many characteristics with flamenco. Paso doble is mostly danced at competitions and performances because of it strictly choreographed moves and its theatrical nature


2 beats in each bar (measure)


1, 2, 1, 2


60-62 beats per minute


Spain (origin France)

Dance Moves for [post_title]

°Basic Step
°Chasse Cape (including Outside Turn)
°Chasses to Right
°Chasses to Right
°Coup de Pique
°Deplacement / Attack
°Fallaway Reverse Turn
°Flamenco Taps
°Fregolina / Farol
°Grand Circle
°La Passe
°Left Foot Variation
°Open Telemark
°Promenade and Counter Promenade
°Promenade Link
°Separation with Fallaway Ending
°Separation with Ladys Caping Walks
°Spanish Lines
°Sur Place
°Syncopated Separation
°Traveling Spins from Counter Promenade Position
°Traveling Spins from Promenade Position
°Twist Turn





Dance Steps