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The Salsa is a lively, fiery and enjoyable dance that is really easy to get the basics of.

In essence, Salsa is no more than a step forward and a step back, with a rock in between. It’s largely a partner dance, but with many fancy “shines” that can be thrown in individually.

It’s important to note first that while Salsa music uses 4/4 time, the dance does not have the usual 1,2,3,4 step count that many dances use. Instead, it leaves out the 4 and 8 count, creating a slight pause. Also note that the male and female steps are directly reversed to allow fluid movement.

There are many different styles of Salsa dance popular today. Each style represents the cultural preferences of dancers. You can be sure that Salsa dancers from other cities, neighbourhoods, or other times, dance differently. Each Salsa dance style has its own distinct characteristics. The names of the styles are based on the people or geographic area that popularized them. Also, Salsa can be danced while accenting different beats in the music.


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Puerto Rico

Dance Moves for [post_title]

°Back Spot Turn
°Backflip Dip
°Basic Step
°Check with Turn
°Cross Body Dip
°Cross Body into Outside Turn
°Cross Body Lead
°Cross Body Lead with Turn
°Cross Body with Clockwise Turn
°Death Drop
°Double Cross Body Lead
°Double Reverse Cuban Turn
°Double Sombrero
°Drop Catch
°Flash Dip
°Floor Sweep
°Guapea Basic
°Hair Comes
°Ladies Double Turns
°Ladies Walk Around
°Man’s Underarm Turn to Right
°New York
°Pick The Girl Up
°Quick Dip
°Reverse Copa
°Reverse Cross Body Lead with Turn
°Roller Blind
°Shoulder Drop to Ladies Cuban
°Shoulder Lift
°Tornado Spin Dip
°Travelling Righ Hand Turn
°Underarm Turn to Left
°Underarm Turn to Right
°Underarm Turn with Double Head Loop
°Waist Duck





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