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Rockabilly primarily refers to a particularly unique style of music which developed mostly between 1955 and 1959 and has maintained its style ever since without evolving into something similar but different as rock’n’roll has evolved into rock. 

Unlike other styles of RocknRoll dancing, rockabilly does not have a backstep. 

Rockabilly is NOT a linear dance [i.e. danced in a slot or along a line of dance], it is a rotary dance [i.e. the follower generally assumes a position and the leader moves around her].


4 beats in each bar (measure)




42-56 beats per minute



Dance Moves for [post_title]

°American Spin
°Arm Breaker
°Around The World
°Back Slide
°Back Slide Turn Left Hand
°Back Slide Turn Right Hand
°Back Spin
°Ballroom Move
°Basic Swap
°Betty Boop
°Boston Spin
°Break the Eight
°Break the Eight (Advanced)
°Butterly 1, 2 & 3
°Carousel 1 & 2
°Chop Chop
°Cold Shoulder
°Comb Female
°Comb Male
°Comb Male n Female Combination
°Cross Arms
°Cross Arms
°Cross Hand Figure Eight
°Cross Under
°Danni’s Move
°Double Arch
°Double Bass
°Double Handed
°Double Head Lock
°Double Hello
°Double Hello Rock
°Double Roll In
°Double Turn Into Left Cuddle
°Elbow Spins
°Elbow Turn
°False Lead
°Figure 8
°Flick And Double Spin
°Flick Reverse Spin
°Four Spins Across Back
°Half Knots
°Heel Back
°Heels With Twist Return
°Helicopter Female
°Hellicopter Male 1 & 2
°Hello and Sweetheart Cuddle
°Hit & Miss (Advanced)
°Hit and Miss
°Hot Rock
°Jail Break
°Knee Dip
°Knees Up
°Lead Up
°Left Hand Figure Eight
°Melbourne Walk
°Neck Breaker 1 & 2
°Peel Away
°Pick the Pocket
°Pick Up
°Pretzel Left Hand
°Pretzel Right Hand
°Push Off 1 & 2
°Push Pull
°Push Pull (More Spins)
°Push Pull (Spins)
°Reverse Pretzel
°Right Hand Figure Eight
°Rockabilly Turn
°Rockabilly Walks
°Roll Across Front
°Roll Across the Front
°Roll Off The Arm & Stop Sign
°Roll Out Left Hand
°Roll Out Right Hand
°Rose Roll Out
°Short Walk
°Shoulder Roll
°Shoulder Roll Double Turn
°Shoulder Roll Through Back
°Shoulder Slide
°Shoulder Spin
°Shoulder Tap
°Shoulder Walk n Shoulder Slide
°Show Off
°Side By Side
°Stop Three
°Swivel Sticks
°Take It Easy
°The Whip
°Thread the Needle Female
°Thread the Needle Male 1 & 2
°Train With A Change
°Tummy Tickle
°Underarm Turn (Man’s Left Hand)
°Underarm Turn (Man’s Right Hand)





Dance Steps