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Ballroom Rumba

The Rumba was originally a marriage dance. Many of its movements and actions which seem to have an erotic meaning are merely depictions of simple farm tasks. The shoeing of the mare, the climbing of a rope, the courtship of the rooster and the hen, etc. It was done for amusement on the farms by the black population of Cuba.

However, it became a popular ballroom dance and was introduced in the United States about 1933. It was the Americanized version for the Cuban Son and Danzon. It is in 4/4 time.

The characteristic feature is to take each step without initially placing the weight on that step. Steps are made with a slightly bent knee which, when straightened, causes the hips to sway from side to side in what has come to be known as “Cuban Motion.”


4 beats in each bar (measure)


Quick, Quick, Slow


25-27 beats per minute



Dance Moves for [post_title]

°Advanced Hip Twists
°Basic Step
°Circular Hip Twists
°Closed Hip Twist
°Continuous Hip Twists
°Cuban Rocks
°Hand to Hand
°Hip Twists
°Hockey Stick
°Natural Opening Out
°Natural Top
°New York
°Open Hip Twist
°Opening Out from Reverse Top
°Opening Out to R & L
°Progressive Walks
°Reverse Top
°Rope Spinning
°Shoulder to Shoulder
°Side Steps
°Sliding Doors
°Spot Turns
°Three Alemanas
°Three Threes
°Underarm Turns





Dance Steps